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Forex Trading Made Easy

  • The material you are about to read is the full and complete version of a condensed report entitled “Forex Trading Made E-Z.”  The condensed report, consisting of 33 pages, was written in abbreviated form to introduce traders to the author’s strategy and is reproduced here for those who have not received a copy of the original report.
  • It is important to read or re-read the original report – especially the section on money management – since it embodies the original concept I derived from martial arts legend Bruce Lee.
  • In his movie, “Game of Death,” Lee envisioned a pagoda on a small island where each level is guarded by a greater and more advanced defender.  To reach the top he must win at each level.
  • The same is true if we are to attain the goal of earning $500 Dollars per day, starting with as little as two or three hundred.  My vision in writing this manuscript is to help you reach your level of success by winning in the Foreign Exchange Markets.

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