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DeMark & TomDeMark on day-trading options

Derivatives have taken on ever-increasing importance in the markets. The broad definition of derivatives includes options, futures, and many more exotic instruments that are conjured up by the leading investment banks. For most traders, though, derivatives mean options, stock options, futures options, or index options.

The virtual explosion in trading volume of options of all types attests to their importance. Moreover, there has been an increased interest in short-term trading even day trading. This work by the DeMarks addresses both issues with a degree of professionalism reflective of their experience as traders and system designers. This is not a get-rich-quick book.

The setups, signals, and concepts described herein will require some study by even the most astute trader in order to use them successfully. But that is good news. So many books on day trading are published that seems to tout the concept as an easy road to riches.

Any serious day trader—and I consider myself among them—knows that day trading is hard work, which is difficult on the psyche, and the concomitant rewards are available only to those who are willing to “pay the toll,” so to speak.

This book should appeal to both the aspiring trader and the experienced trader as well, for it lays out nontrivial concepts that can lead to excellent profits.

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