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Your Instructor Daniel Thiger

Learn Squared hires industry leading professionals to set the pace for classes. Along with the professional package you will be able to watch some insanely talented artists learn from the same content that you do. Learn how industry leaders approach learning.

Lesson 1

Getting Started

Daniel will begin this Course by covering some of the basics in Substance Designer like UI, camera navigation and window layout. You'll learn about working with nodes, PBR Textures, and how to export your textures. Finally, he will demonstrate how to create sub-graphs and template nodes.

Lesson 2

Project Introduction

In this Lesson, Daniel will first go over the basics of Marmoset Toolbag. You'll also learn about bit depth, the basics of his workflow, and creating custom 3D geometry. After this, you will begin to texture each area of your scene.

Lesson 3

Detailing the Project

Here is where you really start getting detailed with your textures. In this Lesson, you'll go through the rest of your scene, creating interesting visual concepts throughout. Daniel will share several insights about the benefits of procedural texture creation, and arm you with different tricks to speed up your process.

Lesson 4

Colors and Material

In this final Lesson, Daniel will help you to block in basic colors, and set up your color palette within Substance Designer. You'll then begin coloring each item, creating variation in material properties along the way, and adding dirt and surface variation for even more realism. Finally, you will present your finished scene using Marmoset Toolbag.

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