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Chris Capre - Pro Forex Trading Course

The Pro Forex Course

The systems and strategies in this course help you find and trade momentum-based moves. These systems are indicator based, with some of the models dating back to 2004, so they are quite robust.

The core of the models you'll learn here are centered around our "Shadow Models", which help to shadow turns/momentum changes in the market.

They are generally "two targets" systems, designed to capture a quick profit, neutralize the risk, then stay in the market if it goes for a runner.

What You Will Learn in the Pro Forex Course

  • Learn the Primary "Shadow" Model
  • How to Trade the 3min, 1hr, & 4hr Shadow Models
  • The 6NT Pullback System
  • The Volatility Striker System
  • Pivot Point Strategies & Statistics
  • Advanced Pin Bar Trading
  • BR Trading & Pattern Finding
  • 3 Dimensional Risk Models
  • Trading Like a Business
  • How to Prepare for Your Trading Day
  • When to Let Trades Run
  • Learn the Base Model for Price Action

Here's What Students Are Saying About The Course...

I have had my head in the Shadow System and your webinars. I guess I am getting my Ph.D. from Capre University. Anyway, it's going great...been trading live and watching price action with the Shadow - just really nailing it down. The results are great so far. The impulsive/corrective video is like a bible of understanding price action.Chris H, US – Course Member

I made 3% in 3 days since obtaining the courses, they are excellent...I appreciate what you have done for me, even in this little time, I feel like with hard work, I can actually make this work consistently:)Ken T, Australia – Course Member

I am so happy that I found you and happy to learn a lot from you, now and next year. You were born to trade, teach,with  and educate. Keep going your great mission.Florin, Canada – Course Member

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this a one-time fee and do I have unlimited access to the videos?

Yes, it’s a one-time fee and you have lifetime access to the course and videos.… 

  • What kind of support do I get and how is the follow-up session conducted?

You get full email support from me, a free follow-up session from me, and access to the trader's forums. The follow-up session is usually done via Skype after a student logs at least 20 trades in their trading … 

  • I am a complete newbie in trading. How will this course benefit me?

You will learn three critical things in this course: 1) the base model for understanding price action, 2) rule-based systems to trade momentum moves in the market, and 3) How to Build A Successful Trading Mindset.

By understanding price …

  • I have a full-time job. Can I still use your systems and are there certain times of the day they only work on?

A large majority of my students have full-time jobs and still trade successfully using these systems. If they can, so can you. I have strategies that work throughout the day as there is a huge range of strategies from … 

  • What are the hit rates of your systems and are they subjective or rule-based and can be programmed?

System accuracy is a meaningless figure without reward to risk ratios. I have over 11+ systems across 8+ instruments, across 6+ time frames, and accuracy varies per pair, time frame, and system, so to list them all would be ridiculous.… 

  • I trade index futures, currency futures, and commodities. Do your systems work in these markets?

Our systems work with any markets that have sufficient liquidity. I personally use them on forex, index futures, and commodities.… 

  • If you are such a successful trader, then why do you teach?

Good question – please read my article Why I Do This.… 

  • Do you post-trade alerts in real-time?

No, as students would just hitch a free ride. My daily trade setups commentary is done after the NY Close Sun-Thurs.

My students and top traders however post their trades before, during, and after daily.…

  • Are there any independent reviews of your course?

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