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Liam James Kay – Google Ads Bootcamp

Here’s Sneak Peak At What’s Inside This Exclusive Training

  • 01-Google Ads Intro & Why They’re So Effect
  • 02-The Secret To Success With Google
  • 03-Google Ads And Affiliate Marketing
  • 04-Direct Linking
  • 05-Non-Direct Linking
  • 06-The Structure of A Successful Google Ads
  • 07-Keyword Research (Planning For Success)
  • 08-Keyword Match Types
  • 09-Using Keywords To Save You Money
  • 10-Over The Shoulder Campaign & Ad Creation
  • 11-Google Ads Retargeting

About the author

You might know Liam James Kay from his Youtube channel titled “Making a Millionaire.” He’s now created a course called the 6 figure Affiliate Bootcamp at $697

First for those not familiar with Liam let’s talk about who he is and why he even created this course. In his channel he talks about how he wants to become a millionaire by the time he turns 30.

He also states that he doesn’t know how to get there. This message was written over a year ago. Now he has a course.

So essentially you’re buying a course from a guy that claimed he didn’t know what he was doing a year ago, now he has a course?

Hey, not saying it would be foolish to buy it, but it just seems a bit rushed. Could this be one of the ways in which it will help him to become a millionaire, by selling his course? I guess anything is possible.

His course includes all the strategies that has made him 6 figures in 12 months. It includes affiliate marketing training, personal branding, how to set up a Youtube channel, how to rank videos, free & paid traffic strategies, etc.

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