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Chris Lori – ProTradersClub - AUD JPY Course
A unique, straight-forward approach to trading a single pair.

Traders of all skill levels, from beginner to advanced, can benefit from this comprehensive guide to trading the AUD/JPY.

This course is designed to help you understand interest rate differentials, fundamental FX trend drivers, AUD/ JPY volatility, specific price behaviours, and demonstrate how you can trade in tranches or scalp this pair with effective equity management.

If you want to focus on only one currency pair with manageable price behavior, this is it!

Trade the Asian Session!

Under certain conditions, the AUD/JPY cross has specific price behaviors throughout the day and during specific sessions, which makes it a friendly pair for traders available during the Asian trading session.

Manageable for Traders in all Time Zones!

The AUD/JPY pair hosts consistent volatility pattern characteristics in relation to time of day and events. The yield seeking flows into this pair allows for efficient position entry and management in all time zones. It is the best pair to trade for persons trying to balance work and trading, volatility is manageable while trade entry points are cleaner than other crosses.

What’s Included:

AUD/JPY Foundational Online Videos

Here are some of the topics covered:

  • Understanding Interest Rate Spreads
  • Institutional FX, Yield and Carry
  • AUD vs. JPY Fundamentals & Interest Rates
  • Drivers to Intraday and Swing Trading considerations
  • AUD/JPY Technical parameters
  • AUDJPY Volatility and Risk
  • AUDJPY Macro vs. Micro Volatility
  • Volatility and Time of Day Factors
  • Chris Lori AUD/JPY Trade Entry Approach
  • Making Trades and Trading Guidelines
  • Risk Management Models
  • AUD/JPY Position Trades and Tranches

Access to AUD/JPY Core Training

Topics Covered:

This 7 hr video series is essential material to reinforce, in detail, the material taught in the foundational online videos, along with additional professional insights to trading this currency pair. There is a focus on specific price behaviors in relation to time of day, market environment, session open and closes and more.

  • Trading AUD/JPY Resources
  • Application of Volatility Tools
  • Fundamentals and Technical’s in depth
  • AUD/JPY Order Flow and Time of Day Volatility
  • Risk Management for Short, Swing and Long Term Trades
  • Simulated Day and Swing Trading Scenarios
  • Recorded Live Trading
  • Get Your Mind Right

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