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John Templeton - Trading in the Bluff

With "Trading in the Buff"

I show you:

  • How To Get Rid of Your Indicators and Trade With Price Action
  • How To See The REAL Support and Resistance Areas
  • How To Forecast Where the Price Is Going to Go
  • How To Spot The Fake Moves
  • How To Trade With The Trend
  • How To See The Underlying Reasons of Why the Market Moves The Way It Does
  • Most Importantly How To Make Money Trading Forex!

Here's A Sneak Peek of The Course

Part 1: Identifying the Move

  • I show you the exact pattern that we are looking for, and I show you a bunch of examples of how it worked in the past and WHY it works.  I let you know the actual reason why this pattern is so important to traders.

Part 2: Spotting a False Move

  • I make sure you know which moves are the false ones and which moves are the real ones. After this chapter, you'll be able to spot the pattern over and over again.

Part 3: Finding The Support and The Resistance Lines

  • I am not talking about those "magical indicators" that follow some kind of formula telling you which are the supposed S & R.  This is the real stuff. After the first 2 parts of the book, you'll understand why.

Part 4: The Breaking of the Support and Resistance

  • I show you what happens when support and resistance are broken and how it helps us determine and predict the future price of the currency pair.

Part 5: Going With The Trend

  • You always hear traders say "trade with the trend". In this chapter, I show you how this pattern tells us exactly where the trend is headed and how we can use it to our advantage.

Part 6: The Different Ways of Trading

  • Everybody trades differently.  Some people like to scalp, while others like to position trade, and everything else in between.  I cover all the different ways on how you can use the method so it fits your trading personality.

Proven to work on any Time Frame and on any Currency Pair.

From my backtests and from trading life, I saw that the "Trading in the Buff Method" worked for every single currency pair that I saw on every time frame. Some better than others, but the point is that it worked!

Then I started checking it on stocks and e-mini futures (not that I ever trade them, but I was curious) and it was really amazing because it worked for those trading instruments, as well.

Then I had the "aha" moment because it became painfully obvious that price action is universal.

It doesn't matter what you trade, traders react similarly to the different movements of the market (regardless here are of which one).

Here's some other things that make "Trading in the Buff" so great:

  • Can Be Traded on any Broker
  • Could be Traded Anytime During Market Hours
  • Trades Have an Incredible High Reward To Low-Risk Ratio
  • Can Be Taught To Any Newbie or Veteran in Trading
  • Minimizes the Emotional Factor in Trading
  • Can Be Used on a Simple Metatrader Chart
  • Clearly Defined Entry and Exit Points

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