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Jason Jankovsky - Time Compression Trading

Uncover profitable trading opportunities by exploiting the multiple time frames traded by different market participants Jason Jankovsky - Time Compression Trading

In virtually all traded markets there are traders working on short-term, medium-term, and long-term perspectives. Each class of trader has different keys for entering and exiting the market. By identifying those keys and understanding where these traders intersect, a trader can spot profitable trading opportunities.

In Time Compression in Trading, author Jason Jankovsky explains the structure of the market through the prism of the time frames of different trader groups. In practical terms, he shows how to identify the probable entry and exit points of short-term, medium-term, and long-term traders. He also explains why traders should pay particular attention to the weakest and strongest hands in a market in order to trade in concert with the stronger market players.

  • Breaks new ground in its analysis of the market structure and at the same time, provides practical, actionable ideas for better trading
  • Reveals how to profit from the actions of market participants operating in different time frames
  • Discusses why traders should pay close attention to the time frames of other traders when analyzing markets

If you want to learn how to trade more effectively by understanding the market structure and what other traders are doing, Time Compression in Trading is a must-read. Jason Jankovsky - Time Compression Trading

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