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Chuck Mccleary – Make Money Selling Options

Whether you are a beginning trader or seasoned professional, this book covers everything you need to know about trading options. Having spent my entire career as a professional hedge fund trader, I know what works and doesn't work. What works is trading the probabilities. What doesn't work so well is technical and fundamental analysis. This book explains why selling options has a distinct edge.

There are 5 chapters in this book, starting with the basics then progressing into strategy selection and management.

Chapter One: Why Options?
Chapter Two: Trading Tactics
Chapter Three: Strategies for Beginners
Chapter Four: Advanced Strategies
Chapter Five: Portfolio Management

Throughout this book, I describe exactly how to find high-probability trades, how to manage profits and losses, and how to build a successful portfolio. I also share real-world examples of option strategies that have made me money over and over again. Likewise, I've included an appendix of my Options Trading Checklist.

Over the last 10 years, the investing world has become complacent by easy gains in the stock market. Passive investing is now the status quo. But, the next 10 years could be a giant wake-up call for everyone due to diminishing returns and higher inflation. Arm yourself with the knowledge of self-directed finance by learning to trade options!

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