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Commodities Rising

"Commodities Rising, part memoir and part investment guide, provides a unique and practical perspective that is based on a rare combination of professional experiences."

-Donald F. Larson, Senior Economist, World Bank

"Jeffrey Christian brings twenty-five years of commodity market experience to his thoughtful and insightful new book. A keen analyst, Christian debunks many commodity market myths. There has been a substantial underinvestment in commodity research of late. His book is a 'must-read' for any investor wishing to avoid the pitfalls present in physical commodity investments."

-Terrence F. Martell, PhD, Saxe Distinguished Professor of Finance, Director, Weissman Center for International Business, Baruch College, CUNY;Public Governor, New York Board of Trade

"If you've read one of the recent 'commodity craze' books, you'll appreciate the more careful, thorough account Christian provides here. His anecdotes and analysis will convince you that this is truly an insider's assessment."

-Peter A. Biebel, Vice President, Director of Futures Research, A.G. Edwards & Sons, Inc.

"In addition to its depth, Christian's book is extremely reader-friendly, presenting commodity issues from various angles. I strongly recommend to anyone interested in commodities that they read this book; and to those still unfamiliar with the subject, I recommend that they take a look. The rewards will be significant, intellectually and possibly financially."

-Takamasa Akiyama, Professor of Development Economics, Nihon University, Mishima, Japan, and Senior Advisor, Foundation for Advanced Studies onInternational Development (FASID), Tokyo, Japan Analyze the current commodity environment and look out over the next few years to identify potential profit situations in Commodities Rising. You'll learn how commodities can be used to reduce risk and increase returns in a balanced investment portfolio. Author and commodities expert Jeffrey Christian debunks much of the misinformation currently circulating about commodities and provides a reasoned reality-check you can use to evaluate the claims and promises of various publications and brokerages in the commodity field. Specific issues addressed throughout this book include:

  • the variety of commodity investments?exchange traded funds, stocks, futures, and options;
  • commodities in the global economy;
  • commodity trading/investing strategies.

Filled with in-depth insights and engaging anecdotes gleaned from the author?s 30 years in the commodity markets, this is an invaluable resource for the serious investor or trader.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1. The Commodities Rush Is On.

Chapter 2. The Myth of the Commodities Supercycle and the Chinese Consuming Giant.

Chapter 3. Commodities and the Global Economy.

Chapter 4. Commodities as an Asset Class.

Chapter 5. Commodity Investment Vehicles.

Chapter 6. Commodity Strategies.

Chapter 7. Precious Metals.

Chapter 8. Energy Commodities.

Chapter 9. Tropical Agriculturals.

Chapter 10. Grains and Oilseeds.

Chapter 11. Base Metals.

Chapter 12. The Fundamentals Still Apply.


Author Information

JEFFREY M. CHRISTIAN is Managing Director of the CPM Group, one of the world's premier precious metals and commodities research and consulting companies. He began his career in commodities as a journalist at Metals Week, and then moved to J. Aron, which later became the commodities trading division of Goldman Sachs. Mr. Christian founded CPM Group when he spun off his research team from Goldman Sachs in 1986. He speaks frequently at commodity industry conferences and seminars, and oversees the publication of CPM's renowned precious metal yearbooks. Mr. Christian is quoted frequently in the financial press and has appeared on several financial news programs to discuss commodities.


"one of the most brilliant and independent-minded analysts... " (Barron's, December 18, 2006)

…you would definitely look like you did your homework with that in your man-bag.' ( City Wealth, November 2006 )

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