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Uwe Albrecht – A Course in Healing

Energy medicine is the healing art of the 21st century.
With A Course in Healing, everyone can learn and expand on it.
In a humorous way, protagonists Mr. Mind and Mrs. Heart will guide you through the different topics.
And The Doc enriches the experience with his medical knowledge and background. With the help of various practical exercises for self-application at every step, you’ll become familiar with energy medicine, healing for yourself and your environment, and start to feel safe using it.
Additional meditations and videos for many of the exercises can be experienced through the DVD added.

Become your own healer and find your energy, your freedom and your happiness!
Since the beginning of time, humanity has been familiar with energy healing methods; and although the manifestation of them is diverse in different cultures, ultimately, their core is identical.
They all make the connections and patterns beyond the surface visible, let us discover profound truths and have the capacity to bring you back into the flow of life on all levels of your Being. Energy medicine doesn’t eliminate symptoms; it eliminates the causes of them. Then, the symptoms disappear by themselves.
Why aren’t all human beings healthy, beautiful, sexy and successful? They all want to be, don’t they?
And who really has a say in our lives? Is it our mind, our will, or unconscious forces like our subconscious? It isn’t Mr. Mind, our will. He has only acquired 5% of the shares in life decisions, though he considers himself capable of compensating the rest with his big mouth.
Our subconscious owns the other 95%, which shows us clearly with whom we really have to talk!

This is the reason why people who are ill stay ill, people who are unsuccessful stay unsuccessful and those who are unhappy stay unhappy. Their subconscious wants it that way. And this is not because of wickedness, but because there is something to be learned or cleared up. The subconscious simply wants to help us act like grown-ups and assume responsibility for our lives. We’ve created everything in our lives ourselves, and therefore we’re the only ones who can change it. Our subconscious reminds us of this fact, which is really rather nice of it, don’t you think?
With A Course in Healing you learn to communicate with your subconscious, to understand it and to change its programs. You change its energetic charges with the help of energy medicine. Then, people who are ill can become healthy, unsuccessful people can become successful and unhappy people can become happy; and all of this without any help from outside.
This is a course that gives us freedom!

In our lives, we all are on a dance floor moving to the music that fills the room. Very often this music is not our own music, but a mixture of distorted sounds from unresolved situations in our lives.
The simplest way to dance differently, more freely, more beautifully and to one’s own rhythm is to change the music.
And energy healing methods do exactly that; they change the music, and then reality follows almost automatically.
I’m a physician, and for 18 years I’ve been practicing exclusively energy medicine. This means that I’ve treated all my patients’ illnesses and problems in this manner. No painkillers, no antibiotics, no blood pressure pills and no Viagra. In addition to conventional medicine, I also studied the healing arts of many cultures and searched for their congruent essence, which I found with the help of my true teachers—my numerous patients. I’ve adapted what I’ve learned in such a way that anyone can easily apply it to his or her own healing process.

I hope that you have as much fun with A Course in Healing as I have.

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