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Matt Diggity & others - The LAB UP 10


A complete blueprint on how Matt Diggity ranks affiliate websites, starting all the way at niche selection and ending up at conversion rate optimization.
You’ll see the exact standard operating procedure that he uses to compete in super high competition affiliate niches.
Most importantly, Matt gives you his “kitchen sink” - a playbook of tactics used to get any site unstuck.
There literally has never been another training out there that teaches you EVERYTHING you need to learn about becoming a highly paid affiliate. Some have tried. None have come close. Matt makes serious money as an affiliate and he reveals it ALL here. 

THE LOCAL LAB ($1997 Value)

Mark will show you how to  perform comprehensive audits and create action plans based on data to outrank your competitors in the local SERPs, using what could almost be considered a scientific process. 
He'll also show you exactly how to create effective and scalable SEO campaigns so you can deliver repeatable results whether it's for 1 or 1000 clients. 
You'll learn to power through the search engine faster than the speed of Google's alogrithmic changes. Of course, this includes live training, webbys, and no holds barred case studies showing real rankings and dissecting how we made that happen. 

THE MAPS LAB ($1997 Value)

Brian walks you through his comprehensive process of exactly how to rank even the toughest Google Maps listings.You'll learn his entire process from A-Z and come out a complete Maps ranking expert. Why is The Maps Lab separate from The Local Lab? 

They process to rank Maps is very different, very involved. You'll walk away with a complete understanding of exactly what makes Maps tick.
You'll learn how to Brian and his consulting clients are sometimes able to get a Maps listing ranking and producing phone calls in as little as 30 days, even if a site is stuck organically for another 6 months. 

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