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Jim Kwik – Superbrain 

What You’ll Learn 
The 5 Pillars Of Your Superbrain 
Jim combines today’s best neuroscience, speed learning, and peak performance techniques to upgrade your brain into a Superbrain in five key areas:

1. Supercharged Memory

Names, facts, birthdays, anniversaries, shopping lists, passwords – how much easier will your life be when you’re recalling all this information at the snap of a finger?

2. Supercharged Relationships

Use your Superbrain to connect better with people, and amplify your personality and charisma both at work and in your personal life.

3. Supercharged Processing Power

Eliminate brain fog from your Superbrain, so you can think smarter, decide faster, and focus better – no matter how young or old you are.

4. Supercharged Learning

Finish a book 3x faster (and remember every part of it). Learn a new language in record time. Master any new skill with ease. Become a better you in every way.

5. Supercharged Lifestyle

Banish inner resistance and self-sabotage from your life, so you can effortlessly adopt better habits. Eat healthier. Exercise better. See a better you in the mirror. 
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