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Gary Bencivenga – Retirement Legacy

Available on DVDs for the First and Only Time …

“Gary Bencivenga’s 7 Master Secrets of Wealth Creation for Marketers and Copywriters”
“I will never be able to share these seven secrets in the Bullets, for reasons you’ll understand in a moment.”
“But as my retirement legacy, I will share all seven with you … if you can meet the four qualifications spelled out in this letter.”

  • Now available via DVDs and expanded, illustrated transcript for the first and only time—my never-to-be-repeated “Reveal-Everything-at-Once” Seminar.
  • Only 2,000 sets available.
  • Tightly restricted and limited distribution … you must be able to meet the four criteria spelled out below (no exceptions).
  • Reveals every secret I’ve ever learned about how to boost your advertising response and become independently wealthy as a copywriter or marketer.
  • Based on more than $1 billion and 40 years’ worth of scientific direct response tests.
  • Includes everything revealed at my one-time-only Retirement Seminar, hailed as “historic” … “phenomenal” … “life-changing” by industry leaders … plus much more material that’s been added to make this the
  • ultimate “Master’s Program” on breakthrough marketing and copywriting.
  • Featuring scores of the greatest direct response ads of all time to illustrate every principle … plus “Gary Bencivenga’s Greatest Hits”—my all-time best ads, sales letters, magalogs, bookalogs, and more that you
  • can use to guide your own marketing and copywriting.
  • Guaranteed to be worth 50 times its cost … or you pay nothing.
  • Free bonus if you respond now—”Da Bomb!” … probably the most powerful tool ever discovered for systematically boosting your response in every promotion you’ll ever run.

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