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Petko Zhivkov Aleksandrov – Professional Forex Trading: Master Class With Full Analysis

What you'll learn

  • Make full analysis over the market and choose the right currency pair to trade
  • Open profitable trades with limited risk to the whole capital
  • Diversify the risk on a single trade into 3 different entries
  • Maximize the results and take the profit at the right moment
  • Build the empty chart into a professional trading screen
  • Trade in the direction of the trend, but taking the trade on the pullback
  • Recognize the Fibonacci zone that is connected to the major trend


  • You should have any Forex platform installed on your PC/Laptop
  • Time and patience to trade on the Forex Market as a Pro Trader
  • Good internet connection is always required to follow the trades


Are you struggling with the Forex trading? Still can not put all things together?

My name is Petko Aleksandrov, head trader at EA Forex Academy. And in this course, I will teach you our professional Forex trading system on the Forex Market.

My experience in algorithmic professional  Forex trading helped me to develop a reliable system for manual Forex trading on the Forex market.

This professional Forex trading class will help you to bring your trading to the next level!

In this course, I will show you my manual system for trading that I have been using for more than 5 years now. I will teach you the whole process of professional Forex trading - how you start from the empty screen, and step by step how to build the analysis, and reach to the points of entry and to the most important thing - the management of the opened trade.

I will teach you a conservative method of money management that will bring you more stable profits in the long term. More than 95% of traders lose money because they want to make quick profits. Professional Forex trading is a combination of a stable system for trading and smart money management of the account.

You will learn the most important in professional Forex trading:

  • Prepare your trading screen
  • Recognize the most essential levels on the market
  • Follow the major trend direction and take advantage of it
  • Draw trend lines and counter-trend lines properly
  • Use Fibonacci indicator in an extraordinary way
  • Recognize the upcoming movement
  • Trade on the impulsive break
  • Diversify the risk in 3 different entries
  • Manage the opened positions and take the profits
  • Use professional trade sheets to improve the trading(Included)

The course is designed to help you know "where the market is." No matter you are algorithmic or manual trader, you are a beginner or experienced trader, you always need to have very sustainable knowledge, and be able to make a full analysis without exceptions to do professional Forex trading.

While many trading courses focus on theory and fundamentals, it is hard to find a comprehensive professional Forex trading course like this one, which is suitable for beginner and advanced traders.

Also, there are many free videos about professional Forex trading all over the internet nowadays. This is the reason why in this Professional Forex trading course, we will step into the depth of the Forex trading and the essential details! Do not waste time to look for different indicators, price patterns, candlestick formations, etc., and to build them in a system when you have it already done in this course.

Contents and Overview

This course aims to teach traders what it takes to improve your analysis before opening a real trade. When analyzing the market, many things should be taken into consideration, and only the best entries should remain.

You will start with the basic drawing tools and price action that you need before using the more advanced indicators. This way, you are building your chart until you'll see where is the right place to enter the market.

You will learn an exciting method that I use to diversify my risk when opening trades. I do not enter the whole position at one spot. I divide it into 3 different entries, with 3 separate entry conditions that should confirm the direction I am trading. This way, if it turns that I am wrong with the first entry, the loss is at times lower.

So you can have proper money management, I will teach you how to follow the trade, where to take your profits partially to maximize the trade. As well, I will teach you how to trail your Stop Loss and how to keep it on a safe distance.

By the end of this professional Forex trading course, you will have higher motivation and more significant confidence in trading. You will have a strict and precise trading system to follow, and you will hesitate when to enter the market anymore.

Take advantage of it and become a professional trader!

Together with all my other professional Forex trading courses, you will receive full support personally by me within 12 hours.

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you are not happy with the course, you can always use this option, no questions asked.

See you inside the class!

Enroll now, and I will teach you my professional Forex trading strategy!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner or advanced traders who are looking for a complete trading system
  • Anyone who wants to make profits on the Forex Market with a strict system
  • People looking for additional or primary income in Forex trading
  • Traders that are missing something in their strategies, and want to improve them

Huge desire to learn professional Forex trading
Enter into the trade on the impulsive break of the Counter-trend line

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