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Chris Pulver & MTI – Perfect Storm

The Perfect Storm was designed to be the Best of Both Worlds of Automation: The ability to be profitable in both Trending and Range-Bound Market conditions. Each strategy allows for profit maximization in different market environments, taking advantage of what is ideal about trading each scenario. Introducing all-new indicators and strategies, along with the keen trading mind of Chris Pulver, this strategy will be a go-to tool in the trader's toolbox for when the markets start to range (or trend).

Perfect Storm has been created to handle all market conditions and 
prepare traders for successfully navigating consolidation and breakouts. 
When reviewing any chart, traders will notice how the market moves in 
indecision cycles, followed by decision cycles.


Chris Pulver

Chris Pulver is a Senior Analyst with nearly two decades in the financial markets. He is well versed in all financial markets with a conservatively consistent approach to investing for accounts of all sizes. A great communicator and passionate instructor, Chris brings authenticity to his trading and his teaching. He aims to accelerate the learning curve for his followers and showcase his strategies and professionalism in all of his courses.

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