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Day trading has become a trend in the past years, many tried it... just a few succeeded- being a consistently profitable trader is not an easy task- almost every traders depends on lagging indicators with a combination of a risk-reward ratio, in short, trading has become a form of gambling and the best traders gamble smart by controlling their emotions, on the other hand, trading educators and so-called gurus make it look easy using misleading information.

Although 90% of new traders fail the first 3 months but they still think of trading to be one of the best businesses to be involved in, with great caution they continue looking for a winning system away from the lagging indicators and gambling based methods.

Simon Jousef a commodities trading advisor (CTA) licensed by the national futures associations who is a Guelph, Ontario, Canada resident has been trading and education for the past 13 years. His methodology is based on the market’s volume and pressure points, a logical approach stemming from the fact that Volume Leads Price. After intense research, Simon discovered a hidden phenomenon within markets’ price action or volume which was a formula of numbers that keeps attracting the price back to them, a phenomenon they called the Brackets. Similar to black-holes in the space the brackets pull or magnetize the price back even if it takes months, with help of programmers he developed an automated indicator called the PriceMagnet which was initially designed for futures markets such as the Crude, Gold, and Indices but it works as well with stocks, options, and spot Forex markets.

The A.C.E Trading Strategy stands for Anticipate, Confirm, and Execute – Using the Volume in Combinations with Bid/Ask levels is Simon’s way of confirming each trade he calls or executes. Members of Simons trading education receive full access to a comprehensive library of videos and materials and they get to join his Live Trading Room (LTR) daily to further see his method executed in a live trading environment which is a great way of maximizing the benefit of their membership.

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